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Buzzbassador effortlessly integrates with your Shopify store to automatically populate ambassadors’ order information, generate unique referral codes for ambassadors, and more. 

Manage Your Ambassador Program From Anywhere 

Buzzbassador integrates with your store and you can use it from all of your devices. Walking to work? Pull out your phone and check on your ambassadors’ recent activity. At the office? Pull up the app on your desktop and check out all your outgoing commissions. If convenience is your priority, then it’s ours too.


Features Designed With Everyday Business Owners In Mind


Automate Tedious Processes

Our workflow automation saves hours of valuable time. Vet applicants, generate unique Shopify discount codes, and send emails in seconds.


Track Ambassadors’ Activity

We integrate directly with your store to help you track the sales your ambassadors bring in and how often they actively promote your brand.


Auto-Calculate and Pay Commissions

Our automatic commission calculator will generate payouts to ambassadors based on the number of sales their discount codes brings in and the commission rate you set.

The Reviews Are In


I’ve been loving the communication & customer support that Buzzbassador has been giving myself and the company! We’ve been looking for an ambassador app like this for about a year, something we can really have control over and knowledge on who is interested in our ambassador program. I think we’ve finally found our solution!

Anne D.

Founder, Happy Sloth Co.


Simple AF – Glad I stumbled on this – Give it a try and you will be a believer too. This is your business and having tools to simplify things helps – This is one of those go-to apps.

Duane B.

Founder, You Gotta Have This


Great app! It is easy to navigate through the different areas and the visuals of stats is easy to read and follow. Very intuitive to use. I look forward to seeing my progress and increase in sales due to using this app.

Natalie D.

Founder, NatDiTrends


This is a much simpler way to get the buzz going around your brand. An easier way to deal with influencers or just everyday people on social media to help promote your brand and get you more sales and less ad spend. I give it a big YES!

Henry T.

Founder, Big Urban Sound


This app is a game changer and is the way to gain ambassadors for your brand in 2020 and going forward. By using this app my sales have doubled and I am seeing more engagement with my brand than ever before.

Daniel H.

Founder, ColorPods


Awesome app! I was juggling 100 of ambassadors via spread sheets and this app came in and automated everything. Makes tracking codes a breeze and if you’re not using ambassadors you’re missing out on a whole new market!

Jason S.

Founder, Riss & Roo

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